Many children who have been medicated for ADHD, stay on medication until their adulthood, but there are other ways of dealing with this growing problem. Every kid wants to feel happy and enjoy their day, so if they’re constantly out of sorts, there is sure to be a good reason for it. With most ADHD kids, their ADHD is… Read More

Only when you experience a health event for yourself, do you truly appreciate the impact it must have on other people’s lives. Also, how important it is to be open to different kinds of treatments. A few years ago, I had some shoulder pain, which turned out to be a frozen shoulder, or ‘adhesive capsulitis’. It wouldn’t… Read More

Not a great place to be when you have a serious illness – you’ve tried all the medical therapy available, you’re exhausted, your health is worsening and your treatment options are dwindling. If you have decided to go on a treatment search, it is no time to ‘go it alone’ though. It’s easy to think that because a… Read More