Health has been my passion ever since I can remember. Now that I have gathered experience, so is providing people with information on treatment that can help them.

I first worked as a Registered Nurse in New Zealand, UK and Australia. After reading my way through all the books on nutrition that I could, I trained as a naturopath in Sydney Australia. I practiced full-time as a natural therapist there for ten years and currently practise in country New South Wales with my naturopath husband Jon Gamble. I’m now looking squarely at almost 30 years in practice.

Over this time, I have broadened my view from the naturopathic field to learn of beneficial therapies that have a scientific backing, track record and have helped many people. Through constant research, it is clear to me that there are a range of promising treatment possibilities for most conditions – even the serious and life-threatening ones. It’s not enough for a practitioner of any sort to say you can’t be helped without being aware of other potentially helpful therapies. Most therapies have their strengths, but if it is not helping after a reasonable amount of time, clearly a person needs a different type of therapy. Seeking out these therapies and letting people know about them has become the heart of my work. Offering patients therapies other than those that I use in my practice, is the most satisfying thing I have done. What I have learned is that as wonderful as any therapy might be, it is only wonderful if it helps you.

Over the years I have seen many people miss out on useful treatments, only because they believe that there is nothing other than the treatment that they have tried, usually conventional medicine, that can help them. I delve into difficult-to-treat health issues and find the range of not just one or two, but several treatments that effectively treat specific illnesses. You actually have quite a lot of choice when it comes to treatment. I enjoy writing up the data I find and sharing. To this end, I have written for newspapers and national journals in Australia for nearly 20 years.

As a culmination of my years of delving, in November 2014 I published a book of 41 patient interviews with people from seven countries: Good News for People with Bad News. In 2007 I co-authored Treat Your Child Yourself – A Parent’s Guide to Drug-Free Solutions for Common Complaints with my husband, Jon Gamble, now in its second edition. Once parents are armed with enough information, they find the confidence to treat childhood ailments at home and then they stop needing to come and see me!

The approach that I find people get the best results with, is that they research, learn, listen to their doctor and then make their own decision about which treatment they will receive. My work is about helping people find information so they can find what they need to recover.

I hope you find Treat Yourself helpful.