Good News for People with Bad News: Recovery Stories Everyone Must Know About

Good News for People with Bad News is a book about people who survived debilitating or life-threatening illnesses through using little-known treatments. My motivation for compiling this book crystallised after I learned of a man who completely recovered from stage IV melanoma, a toddler from severe epilepsy and a nine-year-old boy from autism – all ‘incurable’ illnesses, through using nutritional therapy. Cases like these show that even when facing a life-threatening illness, there are more helpful treatments to choose from than standard medications and surgery alone. Interestingly, many of the ‘alternative’ treatments they used are based on medical therapies. Even after working in conventional and complementary health for decades, I discovered that medical doctors have developed many little-known therapies for serious diseases. Many health professionals have never heard of these therapies and I was one of them, working away in my little bubble of natural therapies.

In an effort to grow the concept of ‘there is probably a treatment out there that can help you‘ to more people, I decided to send this message out. So over a period of three years I got onto the phone and Skype and interviewed 40+ survivors from six countries, about their recoveries from serious and life-threatening illnesses.

Everyone needs access to the right information when they are ill. That right information can be difficult to find – especially when you are highly stressed after receiving news of a devastating diagnosis.

Diseases that people in the book describe they recovered from, include autism, allergies, epilepsy, a range of cancers including pancreatic cancer, neurological diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, antibiotic resistance, multiple sclerosis, connective tissue and autoimmune diseases.
There are so many helpful treatments out there that so few people know about. I now believe: “Look far enough, and you will probably find a treatment that will help you.” That’s what this book is about.

‘Good News’ is available in paperback, Kindle and Mobi from Karuna Publishing and Amazon.