In my 30 year career as a nurse and natural therapist I’ve always wanted to know what makes the difference between seriously ill people who survive and those who don’t. I’ve discovered that those who survive against the odds, use different therapies from standard medical treatment. I interviewed dozens of people from 7 different countries who successfully used… Read More

We are often told: “If something is too good to be true, it probably is”. After being in the medical and alternative therapies field for almost 30 years, I have come to understand that for most illnesses, most of the time, there is a viable treatment solution. The problem is, most people never get to find out… Read More

The notion that herbs, spices and healthy foods are less potent than medication is not necessarily so, because culinary herbs and spices can address infections, including women’s health issues very effectively. There is masses of research to support the health benefits of garlic – sometimes called the “stinking rose”, yet it’s benefits in infection are usually underestimated. While some… Read More

A US study from researchers at Harvard School of Public Health, which surveyed over 200,000 people’s dietary habits, says that simply replacing white rice with brown rice could cut the risk of diabetes by one-third. The study found that people who ate white rice most of the time had a higher risk of developing type… Read More

Poor diet and lack of exercise are known to be major factors in causing the epidemic of Type 2 diabetes spreading around the developed world. But it’s not just Type 2, or lifestyle-induced, maturity onset diabetes that is rising dramatically. Type 1, or Juvenile Onset diabetes is also on the rise. In the past two… Read More