In my 30 year career as a nurse and natural therapist I’ve always wanted to know what makes the difference between seriously ill people who survive and those who don’t. I’ve discovered that those who survive against the odds, use different therapies from standard medical treatment. I interviewed dozens of people from 7 different countries who successfully used… Read More

A US study from researchers at Harvard School of Public Health, which surveyed over 200,000 people’s dietary habits, says that simply replacing white rice with brown rice could cut the risk of diabetes by one-third. The study found that people who ate white rice most of the time had a higher risk of developing type… Read More

This post is to give hope to those of you who believe that you are stuck with nasty and debilitating allergies for life. With the right intervention, you can minimise or recover from your allergies. The World Health Organisation estimates that by 2020, fifty per cent of people in western populations will suffer from one form of allergy or… Read More

Many children who have been medicated for ADHD, stay on medication until their adulthood, but there are other ways of dealing with this growing problem. Every kid wants to feel happy and enjoy their day, so if they’re constantly out of sorts, there is sure to be a good reason for it. With most ADHD kids, their ADHD is… Read More

Most people accept that some cancers significantly shorten lives and medical treatment might offer more time before they die. Today I want to tell you about real people who have survived from cancers that in most people’s minds mean certain death. Firstly, these survivors did not accept their prognosis, and searched for other treatments. These survivors used nutritional… Read More

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, no doubt you are experiencing fear, a sense of urgency, confusion, medical advice, and lots of people telling you lots of different things. It is surely an horrific, stressful time when no one has all the answers for you. Piece by piece, you start paving your way to a treatment plan. If you choose traditional… Read More