If invigoration product purchases, worth $22 million per year are anything to go by, tiredness is a modern plague. People nowadays average two hours less sleep each night than they did 100 years ago. A good night’s sleep does wonders for your wellbeing. Quite a bit of research has been done on the benefits of… Read More

Detoxing To Prevent Or Reverse Dementia Experts estimate that over 24 million people worldwide have dementia, and they expect those numbers to go up in the next twenty years until in 2040 they estimate that 81 million people will be living with the disease. There are different kinds of dementias; some cases are reversible while others are… Read More

I first got the feeling for this book when I saw a movie called ‘First Do No Harm’ starring Meryl Streep. The story unfolded of a young boy who had life threatening epilepsy, with massive and repetitive seizures. He’d had  every medication, brain surgery, and was still having seizures. Eventually he was given a ketogenic… Read More

Do you really believe that medication can solve your mental and emotional difficulties? You may have been told your depression is due to a ‘chemical imbalance in your brain’ which needs to be treated with prescription medication. As the saying goes: “healthy body, healthy mind”. Dealing with physical health issues really can affect mood changes, negative thoughts, being irritable,… Read More

We are often told: “If something is too good to be true, it probably is”. After being in the medical and alternative therapies field for almost 30 years, I have come to understand that for most illnesses, most of the time, there is a viable treatment solution. The problem is, most people never get to find out… Read More

If you are suffering from weight gain, hair loss, exhaustion, depression, mental fog, constipation fibromyalgia and even heart disease, you may have a thyroid condition. Thyroid problems can be hard to diagnose initially, because routine thyroid function blood testing does not always reveal abnormal thyroid hormones until your symptoms are well established. Sometimes, it is not until patients have… Read More

There are a few old sayings that I really like: “It’s not what you eat, but what eats you” and “Laughter is the best medicine”. Quite literally, our mental state and how we feel affects our physical health and wellbeing. Research shows that day-to-day choices can make a big difference to how we feel. The level… Read More

  It’s fairly well known now that diet affects mood, and that junk food can be the cause of depression, particularly in teenagers. Quite literally, changing your diet can change your mood. Anyone who has lost weight due to eating healthier food, will have noticed a mood boost, which is  greater than the satisfaction of… Read More

Not a great place to be when you have a serious illness – you’ve tried all the medical therapy available, you’re exhausted, your health is worsening and your treatment options are dwindling. If you have decided to go on a treatment search, it is no time to ‘go it alone’ though. It’s easy to think that because a… Read More