No one wants to offer false hope to anyone dealing with a disease like Motor Neurone Disease (MND). However, if you have this disease you might just like to know about people out there with MND who are stable, improving or recovered. 

The website ‘Healing ALS’ shows a YouTube clip on the Home Page of a number of people who refused to accept their disease and actively sought wholistic treatment which has stabilised and even reversed their symptoms. Incredibly, they have survived  MND and are living for 20 plus years after being diagnosed. It’s gobsmacking, inspiring and initially, hard to believe, but there they are, large as life on the internet, telling their stories. The treatments vary from person to person, and include a wide range of therapies. There’s no question that their recoveries are hard-won, but they are won nonetheless.

There are short summaries of seven men and four women who describe the treatments they underwent, which gives you an idea of what helped them to recover. With the right individualised treatment, they defy their diagnosis. They were told they would not survive beyond one or two years and to get their affairs in order.

There are also interviews on the website with some of the doctors who treat MND that are well worth watching. They describe some treatment methods as well.

I interviewed one of the people in the documentary, for my book Good News for People with Bad News After being diagnosed with MND and struggling to walk, then pick up objects, this man describes how he carefully investigated the benefits of coconut oil, took increasing amounts of it over many years and has improved his condition.

‘Healing ALS’ is set to become a documentary, once fundraising is complete, but there is enough material on the website already, to inspire anyone.

The vast majority of people and health professionals believe that MND is incurable, there’s nothing you can do to help it and you die from it within a few years of diagnosis. Sadly, many do.

There is little harm in trying wholistic treatment, but it is easy to think that ‘if it’s natural, I can give it a go myself.’ For a serious illness like MND, it is important to find a good integrative doctor who can conduct tests that will identify some reasons why MND developed and which will guide restorative treatment.

For this disease, it is worth letting yourself be inspired.