Detoxing To Prevent Or Reverse Dementia

Experts estimate that over 24 million people worldwide have dementia, and they expect those numbers to go up in the next twenty years until in 2040 they estimate that 81 million people will be living with the disease. There are different kinds of dementias; some cases are reversible while others are likely not.

What Is Dementia?

Dementia is a word that healthcare practitioners use to describe a set of symptoms. These symptoms include memory loss, inability to reason and problem-solve, inability to focus and pay attention, decreased visual perception, and a decline in language skills. Dementia symptoms usually stem from brain damage of some sort. Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia.

Does Detoxing Help?

Dementia refers to a set of symptoms. The cause of an individual’s symptoms may be a number of different factors. Sometimes, dementia is the result of a toxicity of some sort. One example is Mercury toxicity, which is a common cause of brain damage.

Other toxicities may include a buildup of toxic drugs, toluene, lead, or arsenic. If this is the root cause of an individual’s dementia, then freeing the body of the underlying toxic substances will restore balance to the body and reverse the damage to the brain.

How Can I Detox?

If you are interested in helping to prevent the onset of dementia by detoxing your life from harmful chemicals and metals, you should start by doing a little bit of research. This can help you understand what parts of your environment might be introducing hazardous substances in your life. Once you identify a few culprits, take the time to eliminate them and replace the harmful material with one that is neutral.

For example, you can exchange harsh cleaning chemicals like Comet with natural clears like baking soda and orange oil. Making these positive switches is a significant first step. Next, help your body eliminate the toxins by increasing your fiber intake. Also eat foods that help your body fight toxicity, such as kale, cilantro, and watercress.

If you do an assessment of your environment, but can’t seem to identify which materials might be contributing you your possible toxicity, you can work towards eliminating all of them. This will likely benefit your health in countless ways, as well as the health of those who share your space with you! You can also get bloodwork done to help you zero in on specific culprits.

Experts show that 50% of individuals who are 85 or older have some form of dementia. This can be incredibly limiting and even dangerous. Detoxing can prevent or reverse dementia in some cases, and it is a worthwhile endeavour to engage