No parent on the planet wouldn’t want a simple solution for preventing potentially harmful diseases in their children. So, why do parents who totally believe in vaccinating their children, have them vaccinated and then spend time and energy questioning vaccine safety? If the problems with vaccines these parents experienced could be identified and remedied, it would satisfy many of those who are asking questions about them.

However, in the current climate, to simply question the safety of vaccines is to be labelled an ‘anti vaxxer’ or ‘Vaccine Hesitant Parent’. But why is the topic of vaccination not available for any public debate whatsoever, when the US government has paid out over 3 billion USD in vaccine compensation for vaccine damaged children?

Too many questions, and no answers from governments. Silence.

For the curious, a 7-part documentary series has recently been released into the public domain, which thoroughly explores the history, past and present practises of vaccinations.

This series is called The Truth About Vaccines which interviews 60 top vaccine scientists from around the world to describe to you  the available information on evidence and efficacy of today’s vaccination programmes.

This is a time to carefully watch, listen and learn.