I first got the feeling for this book when I saw a movie called ‘First Do No Harm’ starring Meryl Streep. The story unfolded of a young boy who had life threatening epilepsy, with massive and repetitive seizures. He’d had  every medication, brain surgery, and was still having seizures. Eventually he was given a ketogenic… Read More

In my 30 year career as a nurse and natural therapist I’ve always wanted to know what makes the difference between seriously ill people who survive and those who don’t. I’ve discovered that those who survive against the odds, use different therapies from standard medical treatment. I interviewed dozens of people from 7 different countries who successfully used… Read More

You complain to your doctor that you suffer from chronic widespread pain and abnormal tenderness. After much testing and no improvement from treatment, your diagnosis ends up as “fibromyalgia”. You are told “you will just have to learn to live with it.” You try various treatments, which may include antidepressants, and painkillers. Therapies that can be helpful are massage, chiropractic care and… Read More

  The notion that herbs, spices and healthy foods are less potent than medication is not always the case. Sometimes culinary herbs and spices can address health issues very effectively. There is masses of research to support the health benefits of garlic. Garlic is sometimes called the “stinking rose.”  While some people are concerned about… Read More