Thanks for choosing this blog in the midst of so many.

If you have been diagnosed with a horrible disease, it can take some doing to luck upon a safe treatment that will help you. This blog includes effective treatments that are not commonly known or well understood.

The posts are a distillation of years of practice and gathering data that people could benefit from, which I happily pass it on to my readers.

If you want to hear in detail about people who have used some of these treatments, try reading my book. Not because I wrote it, or because I make a dollar from it, but because it is the best compilation of a wide range of treatments for serious illnesses I know of.

The reason?

I have been researching successful, researched treatments for over twenty years, and have sifted through many trends, fads and misinformation, to bring you the best verifiable treatments available.

Most books about health are based on a single illness, treatment, clinic or renowned doctor. Good News For People With Bad News is based on interviews with dozens of people telling their stories of recovery from chronic illnesses that were successfully treated using a non-conventional treatment. It could point you to life-changing treatment.

People are just loving it. The most common response to the book is; “Each night I read one chapter and then I can’t wait to read the next one”.

That’s at least 40 nights worth of reading.